Multigenerational homes have been on the rise in the past few years, making it a trend noticed by new home builders. With the help of these industry experts, real estate buyers interested in this kind of home can make well-informed decisions based on factors they need to consider

A multigenerational home houses three or more generations of family members living together. Examples would be a parent moving into an adult child’s house or a fresh college graduate returning to his parents’ home. Changes in the economy, culture, and demographics are the main reason multigenerational homes are becoming popular. Moreover, more families are also considering new approaches to practical living.

According to the US Census Bureau, there were 3.9 million households with three or more generations living together in 2000. This is a 60% increase from statistics in 1990. Moreover, in 2009, the number of multigenerational households increased to 33%, or 49 million, from 2000.

When discussing the creation of a multigenerational house with new home builders, there are two important things the buyer needs to consider.

Accessibility and safety for older relatives and children. To house older relatives, it’s best to have a first floor bedroom. Climbing up and down stairs may be inconvenient for them. Another solution is to have a separate cottage within the lot for them and for their nursing aid, if any.

Safety is also a main concern for growing children. While climbing stairs will be no problem for them, a homeowner must ensure that the design of the house follows safety precautions. For instance, stairways must not be slippery, must have wide dimensions, and each step must be consistent in height. Moreover, a handrail must be sturdy yet easy to hold.

Independence and privacy. Each member of the extended family needs independence and privacy. This is especially true for children returning home after graduating from college. With the time they spent away from the family, most of these children have become totally independent and may ask for their personal space.

With this considered, a multigenerational house must be spacious enough to allow each member privacy. Ideally, each family member should have his own room. If this is not possible, then make sure that each person has a space he can call his own, like ample space for a personal study, for instance.

Living in a multigenerational household can encourage closer family ties through daily interactions. However, accessibility, safety, independence, and privacy are essential things a home buyer needs to consider. Talking to new home builders can help buyers determine how to build a house that fits a family’s specific needs.

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